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Alateen is an Al-Anon Family group specifically for young people age 20 or younger...


Alateen works in exactly the same way and follows exactly the same principals designed by Al-Anon, except that you are surrounded by a group of people your own age; people who are experiencing the same difficulties at home with an alcoholic parent, sibling, grandparent, or anyone else who has a problem with drinking behaviors. You can find hope by meeting with people who have suffered different types of mental, emotional and even physical abuse as a result of the family illness of alcoholism.


Alateens have suffered the same trauma as any adult exposed to this disease and the Alateen group is a wonderful place to find recovery from its effects. Alateens are grateful to admit:


  • It's for kids/teens like me who have been affected by someone's drinking

  • Provides a safe place where I can share my experiences

  • Helps me understand the family disease of alcoholism

  • Is a place for me to learn and feel good about myself

  • Encourages me to change my attitudes instead of reacting to the situation

  • Gives me the courage to detach with love

  • IS ANONYMOUS - we never discuss what we hear or whom we see at meetings

  • Is grrreat!**


If you are 20 or younger and have been affected by someone's drinking, consider visiting an Alateen meeting. You'll meet other young people just like you who are experiencing in varying degrees, the same feelings of pain and frustration. Alateens use the program to find serenity, even happiness, whether the other person is still drinking or not.


All SCV Alateen Groups abide by the B-17 NCWSA Requirement for Alateen Member Safety.

For information about Alateen meetings contact our Alateen Coordinator:

Not sure if you've been affected by the family disease of alcoholism?

Alateens share what Alateen means to them.

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