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Alateen Coordinator

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What was life like before attending Al-Anon

Anonymous Al-Anon members share their stories about the pain and confusion they experienced in dealing with someone else's alcoholism.

What do members say about Al-Anon Family Groups

Members talk about how they came to find Al-Anon and how it has affected their lives in a positve way. One woman speaks of the kind and respectful ways in which members treat each other in meetings and about the coping tools she discovered throughout the program. Another woman describes how listening to the experiences of others has helped her in dealing with her own tough situation. A father tells of his experience in beginning to realize he had been affected by his daughter's drinking. Finally, an Al-Anon member of 22 years explains how she began coming to meetings, by accident!

Al-Anon members tell the way it is today

Anonymous members of Al-Anon feel more in control of their lives since coming to Al-Anon. They describe the inner peace they have come to experience in relating to the alcoholic in their lives, and others.

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